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At The Teh Company, we travel around the world to visit award-winning farms, learning more about the entire tea-making process from growing to harvesting to the processing of tea leaves. The ability of our tea masters to produce a plethora of flavours from the same tea plant continues to intrigue us.

The Teh Company at Alishan, Taiwan


Tea leaves are like slow-release capsules.

Larger and complete tea leaves release tannins (responsible for astringency) slowly, allowing them to be steeped for longer, imparting consistently smooth flavours without bitterness. They also release caffeine in smaller, controlled doses which is gentler on the stomach.

High quality tea leaves retain much of their flavonoids - antioxidants proven to reduce risk of cancer and heart diseases. Uniquely, they also contain the amino acid, L-theanine which promotes relaxation without drowsiness, helping tea drinkers unwind and ease stress.

These flavours and health effects are unfortunately lost in tea fannings or dust which is found in 90% of tea bags available in the market.

Here at The Teh Company, we strive to bring you the highest quality tea leaves at the most affordable of prices as we believe that you deserve the best tea experience every time.

Taste the difference. (L) - Competitor, (R) - The Teh Company



Both the Alishan Zhulu & Red Zhulu are our personal favourite teas. Cultivated at high altitudes, these tea leaves absorb high amounts of nutrients from the mountain and develop under low temperatures and high humidity provided by the mountain mist. As a result, these teas impart robust, delightful floral notes with a lingering, sweet aftertaste.

Tea tasting with our tea masters

Try our Alishan Zhulu and Red Zhulu Tea today!


The Teh Company

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