2021 Chapter #5: Muzha Tieguanyin


For the month of May 2021, we present our fifth award-winning oolong for the year, the Muzha Tieguanyin. The strong roast and oxidation process produces strong dried fruit and floral fragrance with a tad of spice.

The Teh Company's Dong Ding oolong is cultivated in the ethnic village of Muzha in Wenshan township. Adapting from the roasting techniques of the tea masters from Wuyi Mountains, China, our tea masters reinvented this classic promises to excite the palate with its smooth yet layered complexity, winning national tea competition awards for consecutive years and running.

The Teh Company's recommended brewing method:

3-4 g of tea leaves to 300 ml of water

100°C water, steep for 40 seconds for first pour

Repeat brewing with 100°C water for additional 40 seconds up to four to five times or till taste is too light for your palate

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You deserve only the best teas. Taste the difference of the highest quality, award-winning tea leaves today.

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The Teh Company

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