2021 Chapter #4: Dong Ding


For the month of April 2021, we present a familiar name from The Teh Company, the Dong Ding. Medium roasted to perfection, this tea provides decadent butter notes with a delicate balance of honey and flowers, together with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

The Teh Company's Dong Ding oolong is cultivated from Lugu township which boasts a strong morning sunshine and persistant afternoon fog. Its temperate monsoon climate allows the tea leaves to retain high amounts of nutrients which translates to its complex, flavourful profile.

With their Dong Ding tea, our tea artisans, with their persistence to achieve perfection in every brew, have won several regional tea competition awards for consecutive years and running.

The Teh Company's recommended brewing method:

3-4 g of tea leaves to 300 ml of water

95°C water, steep for 40 seconds for first pour

Repeat brewing with 95°C water for additional 40 seconds up to four to five times or till taste is too light for your palate

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You deserve only the best teas. Taste the difference of the highest quality, award-winning tea leaves today.

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The Teh Company

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