2021 Chapter #2: Alishan Zhulu


For the month of February 2021, we present one of our personal favourite and top seller, the Alishan Zhulu.

Partially fermented and lightly roasted, this light oolong produces a fresh yellow liquor and exhibits a subtle butter notes and elegant, lingering aftertaste of flowers. It contains a good mixture of catechins and theabrownin, molecules known to have anti-aging effects and helps control blood cholesterol.

Our tea artisans for the Alishan Zhulu hone their craft in the mountain range of Alishan, east of Chiayi. The Teh Company's Alishan Zhulu tea is grown and harvested at one of the highest altitudes in Alishan at 1300 metres. At high altitudes, these tea leaves absorb high amounts of nutrients from the mountain and develop robustly under low temperatures and high humidity provided by the mountain mist.

Our tea artisans have also won several regional and national tea competition awards, a testimony to their strive for perfection.

The Teh Company's recommended brewing method:

3-4 g of tea leaves to 300 ml of water

95°C water, steep for 40 seconds for first pour

Repeat brewing with 95°C water for additional 40 seconds up to four to five times or till taste is too light for your palate

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You deserve only the best teas. Taste the difference of the highest quality, award-winning tea leaves today.

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The Teh Company

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