2021 Chapter #1: Baozhong Tea


For the month of January 2021, we present our first award-winning oolong, the Baozhong Tea.

Newly sprouted leaves are plucked and sun-dried before delicately hand-rolled in conjuction with light roasting to produce the lightest oolong tea in The Teh Company.

This oolong produces a beautiful soft-yellow liquor and exhibits fresh earthy notes like a green tea but with subtle fragrance of flowers. It also contains one of the highest amount of catechins, antioxidants known to reduce wrinkles, in our oolong series.

Our tea artisans for the Baozhong tea hails from Wenshan, the range of mountains that surround Taipei in northern Taiwan. The Teh Company's Baozhong tea is grown at altitudes of 200-400 metres and harvested during the winter and spring where the tea plants are mostly in or below the clouds which provide natural shading for the most delicate of tea leaves.

Our tea artisans have also won several regional and national tea competition awards, a testimony to their craftmanship and dedication.

The Teh Company's recommended brewing method:

3-4 g of tea leaves

90°C water, steep for 40 seconds for first pour

Repeat brewing with 90°C water for additional 40 seconds up to four to five times or till taste is too light for your palate

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You deserve only the best teas. Taste the difference of the highest quality, award-winning tea leaves today.

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